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Microsoft Terrace


To support Vocon Architecture’s philosophy “Let Your Spaces Speak”, MPFP’s terrace design was inspired by the identity of the New York landscape and the well-being of the Microsoft user-groups.  

Facing North, the “Empire State Birch Grove” celebrates views of the Empire State Building and the Manhattan skyline by framing them with Adirondacks-inspired birch trees, offering shade to larger gatherings in the summer.  Facing South, the Hamptons Secret Garden encapsulates smaller quiet spaces with raised planters, ornamental grasses, and perennial planting reminiscent of dune landscapes. Quite the opposite, Gaming Alley was designed as a Penthouse spill-out, where users may be entertained by games such as Table Football, while building team relationships. Inside the Penthouse, the Winter Garden was designed with a reverse snow-globe effect in mind.  Like a sun-room, it’s wrapped by a ribbon of glass where spectators may view a snowy winter landscape while enjoying indoor tropical plants. 

Other supporting features include plant material selected for year-round interest, such as Japanese Maple and Birches for their autumn leaves, and Rattlesnake Master for their unique button-like dead-heads in the snow.  The furniture is equipped with wireless internet and electrical outlets for comfortable outdoor use.  Effectively the landscape is designed to be robust, and adapt to the demands of the times.


New York, NY




Roof Terrace Amenity; Office Terrace Amenity


20,000 SF




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